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Breathing in art

Corapi posing with her son.
Corapi posing with her son.

Many may not like art, whether it because they are not very good at it, or just because they like something better.

Jill Corapi, art teacher at Huntley High School, lives and breathes art, a career choice of hers because to her, her own high school art room was a safe haven. She felt comfortable with the teacher, as if she could tell her anything.

“If I am going to teach, I am going to teach art,” said Corapi.

Corapi wanted to get a degree from a school with a strong backing. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2004, left with a BFA in Art Education, and earned a Master’s Degree in School Leadership in 2009 from Concordia University.

For five years at Huntley High, she has been spreading her love of art to students. Away from school, Corapi likes to have Asian inspired water color works surrounding her, although she can not really pick a favorite artist.

The internet and digital world has given Corapi and new view of art. While students look up pictures on Google for inspiration in their work, she had to go to the library and go through books and magazines for her inspiration. Back then, she felt limited by what she had to go by. Resources today are more than just paper.

Depending on the mood and time of the year, Corapi is when she loves to go out and take pictures for her own art inspirations. Then, when winter arrives, she has something to work on when she can’t capture the same things she did earlier in the year. And when school comes, she brings her love of art with her.

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