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Getting her doctorate

Doctor Knott in her classroom.

After years of hard work, three to be exact, it was finished. All the essays, the projects, the late nights spent studying; they were all complete. Beth Knott had finally achieved her goal.

Knott received her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Change, and by doing so, many new doors have opened up. However, too much change is not always a good thing. Sometimes, changes must be made one step at a time.

Therefore, Knott has decided to continue teaching as a high school teacher and to help students achieve their own goals.The whole process began with simple motivation.

“I enjoy learning. I enjoy going to school. I enjoy challenging myself,” said Knott. This pushed her to pursue what few others can say they have accomplished.

However, getting a doctorate is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of motivation and support to get through everything. Her fellow teachers here at Huntley High School definitely assisted her when she needed their help.

But the most important person in this process was Dr. Leslie R. Bloom, Knott’s dissertation advisor. She was always there when Knott needed her, and she was the perfect person to give Knott the push she needed.

Whenever Knott felt that she could not go on, Bloom helped her to push past the rough patch. Bloom really gave tough love that helped Knott get through school and achieve her doctorate.

The funny thing is, Knott did not always want to be a teacher, but had originally gone to school in order to pursue being an engineer. But after traveling around to see other engineers and how they work and what they do, Knott realized that this was not what she really wanted in life.

So, she became a teacher and answered her true calling.

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