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Coralyn Moran smiling even through all the bullying.

When sophomore Coralyn Moran walks through the hallway people see a self-assured girl. They see a girl who always seems to be smiling. They see a girl who is beyond beautiful. They see a girl who keeps her head held high.They see a girl who never seems to break, but none of them knows why she had to become strong.

She had to become strong because she decided herself that she wanted to live with her mom in Huntley.

Because her best friend lives close by.

Because when the students found out she was coming, Twitter exploded.

Because people who had never even met her judged her.

Because she was embarrassed to read what others were saying about her.

Because she was terrified to come to school.

Because her first day was “the worst day of my life,” she said.

Because only a handful of people were nice.

Because she stayed in the counselor’s office for the greater part of the day.

Because she had no idea who to trust.

Because too many people were acting fake to her face, while tweeting about her at home.

Because she had never been an outcast.

Because there were so many rumors spreading about her, and it was only the first day.

Because none of it was even true.

But being the fighter that she is, Moran ignored the gossip. Although it was hard, she found a group of people who were nice enough to accept her into their clique. She found that with each day going by, her situation was improving, and slowly the gossip died down. She continues to take it day by day because nothing can be as bad as that first day.

So she walks down the hallways with a smile and confidence, because so many people want to see her fall.



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