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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her


Some people tend to think the hardest part of Valentine’s Day is finding a valentine. However, those people so lucky to have already found theirs know the most difficult part is trying to avoid becoming Cupid’s cliché.

With the winter holidays just behind us, basically everyone’s wallets are empty. So here are some cheap, alternatives that will still make perfect gifts for your lover.


There is no possible way to go wrong with sweets. Whether you are a baker at heart or more of a walking disaster in the kitchen, both boys and girls will love the thoughtful treat. For those bakers, try making homemade brownies, a cake, or even a favorite cookie to decorate. The best part is how creative you can be. If you are not so talented in the culinary arts, chocolate covered strawberries make the perfect present.

Handwritten Notes

Valentine’s Day is a romantic, but simple holiday. Going above and beyond is not necessary and, for teenagers, not realistic. If you are really tight on money, a handwritten note can not only be passionate and thoughtful, it can also show your sweetheart how you truly feel.


For those crafty personalities out there, a do-it-yourself gift can be the ultimate gift. DIYs allow you to be creative and really show how you feel. These projects can range from a number of different things like a personalized coffee mug to a jar of cheap dates or even a box of love. These little individualized gifts can actually end up being the most romantic, heartwarming presents since they are customized and come from the heart.

There they are! Remember, any gift you give can make the perfect one as long as it comes from the heart.

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