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Taking Spanish up a Step

Amanda Robles teaching her first hour Spanish 3-10 accelerated class.

She started as a substitute teacher at Huntley High School.

Then she got hired as a teacher.

She has taught spanish two and three for years now.

But this year is different.

Amanda Robles, one of the many spanish teachers at HHS, has been challenged this school year by teaching her first accelerated spanish class.

She has had to change her teaching ways to adapt to these new students. Robles has to make sure that with whatever she is doing, she is challenging the students enough.

“The accelerated kids rise to the challenge more than traditional course students,” said Robles. “They do their homework more often and are more engaged normally.”

She has had many years to figure out what challenges traditional students but this being her first year with an accelerated class, she has had to pay extra attention to what is hard and what is not. Robles has had to make many adjustments to make sure that what she is teaching her students is challenging and rigorous.

Some of her favorite things to teach her spanish classes are affirmative commands because she enjoys the rhyme “VenDiSalHazTenVePonSe.” Robles also enjoys teaching preterite vs imperfect because during those lessons, she gets to show the vampire movie that her and the spanish department made.

As a former student at Huntley High School, Robles thinks a lot has changed. The spanish book that she used and that students now use is different, mainly because the times have changed.

There are also many more spanish teachers now than there were when she was a student. Robles had “Senora Goss” as her spanish teacher for three out of her four years at the high school.

While things are a lot different at Huntley High School now, Robles love for spanish has not changed. She has been teaching at the high school since 2010 and hopes to continue teaching here for a long time.


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