All Time Low album review: Future Hearts

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All Time Low album review: Future Hearts

Kat Gorospe

When it’s summer and you’re driving with the windows down, All Time Low is the perfect band to be blasting from your speakers.


The familiar Alternative style with lyrics that can relate to any real life situation give off the not-so-angry, yet not-so-happy vibe that every teenager needs once in a while.


On April 7, the four Maryland natives released their sixth studio album “Future Hearts”. The light blue and white album cover is easy on the eye; fitting the style of the 13 new tracks, but still keeping the edginess the band is known for.


My expectations were set high since I haven’t heard any new music from them in two years. Their second album “So Wrong It’s So Right” and third album “Nothing Personal” were so perfect that I still listen to them on repeat.


Since it’s been eight years since those albums were released, this year’s should be just as great, right?


Not really.


The eighth track “Tidal Waves” feat. Mark Hoppus, fell short and didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the album. After listening to it several times, I couldn’t help but feel drowsy and melancholy; a mood that should never come from an All Time Low album.


Normally, I can tell if I like an album right off the bat. It wasn’t until the second and third time around that I started to get a good feel for this year’s music.


Songs such as “Kids in the Dark” and “Kicking and Screaming” automatically click, and is exactly what this album needed. It’s new, yet gives the long-time fans that same reckless feeling they got the first time they discovered the band and their music.


The top two tracks on this album would have to be “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Runaways”. Maybe it’s because college is right around the corner, but the lyrics of both songs describe the need for a fresh new start, and it fits to a T.


Maybe “Future Hearts” wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t perfect either.

While I am slightly disappointed by what is the latest from the band since 2013, I have still have high hopes that better music will come from the four.

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