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Double lunch has its flaws

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Double lunch has its flaws

Camille Paddock

The bell rings, signaling the end of fourth hour. I walk out the door of my math classroom and go as fast as I can through the hall to get to lunch, hoping I can get a table with enough chairs. Most days I am successful, but there are some days I end up eating my lunch on the floor, which is definitely not appealing.

With spring finally here, the space in the outside circle is beautiful. However, students are not even aloud to go out there.

Ever since double lunch was introduced to 10-12 graders, the amount of space in the cafeteria and commons area has greatly diminished. The lack of tables and chairs leaves a number of students on the floor.

Not only is it an inconvenience to eat on the floor, but it’s also insanitary. Sitting on the floor where people walk with dirty shoes is not the most appealing place to eat.

If the outside circle was open to students, it would be utilized and would create another area for students to not only eat, but study.

Having the choice to go outside on a nice day would encourage students to study. Since summer is right around the corner and the weather is nice, most people would prefer to be outside during blended or lunch periods.

In the past, the space was open and functioned normally. However, the decision was made to close it off from students because of the noise complaints from  teachers with classrooms in the circle.

However, that was years ago. I think we, the students, should get another chance to prove that we can be the raider way.

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Double lunch has its flaws