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Student Council Monthly Update: Oct.

Student Councils new logo. (Courtesy to HHS Student Council.)
Student Council’s new logo. (Courtesy to HHS Student Council.)

Interview with Ashley Kubisztal, STUCO President  


  1. How long have you been involved in Student Council?

“I’ve been on Student Council since my sophomore year and I was elected president for my senior year, but I was elected in May of last year.”


  1.  So what has been going on with Student Council?  What activities are coming up?

   “We just finished Homecoming and our next project is the blood drive and that will be in November.  And we also plan on hosting another dance in the winter, like a second Homecoming.”


  1.  How did you come up with the ideas for the activities?

“So we have General Council, and they brainstorm ideas, and then we put them to a vote, but it also kind of depends on the topic. If it’s a controversial topic then we’ll have the whole school vote.  Ideas are generated through General Council.  The whole school votes on Haiku or the General Council votes within the General Council during our meetings.”


  1.  How do you think Homecoming went?

“I think it went pretty well, and people did a really nice job of planning and executing the dance, but it was a little rushed because the person in charge didn’t really start doing work until two weeks before the dance, and it just needs to happen a lot sooner next year so we can have a bigger time span.  And, the DJ wasn’t the best, but we will fix that.  I don’t know who the DJ was but I was talking to an advisor and she said that we are not doing the same DJ for Prom.”


  1.  Does Student Council put on Prom, too? How is it similar and different to Homecoming?

“Yeah, we do Prom too.  There is definitely more that goes into it for Prom. I went to the taste test and I actually tried all the food. Myself and a few other people decided on the menu.”


  1.  Are there any improvements you would make for next year, regarding Homecoming?

“Better planning, better organization with everything, and a different DJ.


  1.  Is there anything else you would like the students to know?

“This whole debate with the wristbands thing, all I have to say for the defense of Student Council is that we plan the events, and that’s it.  Wristbands, rules, ID’s, that’s all administration.  I wanted to put that to rest because people have been asking.”


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