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Local bands perform popular movie renditions at competition


On an usually warm October day, the Marengo Settler’s Day Band Competition opened with tunes every adult and child knows by heart.

John Williams’ epic score in the Star Wars saga had seeped into almost every culture across the globe, including the Oregon High School band.

Graced with powerful, pulsing drums and a mock lightsaber duel with trumpets, the OHS marching band played triumphantly for the crowd.

With their rendition of numerous recognizable Star Wars pieces complete, the Oregon High School marching band marched of the field as they were chanting their school’s fight song.

Adorned in capes, the Marion Academy marching band stood heroically on the football field as they played songs from the the Pixar film “The Incredibles.” With jazz-like saxophones that swung with the heroic melodies, the school put on display their take on the super hero soundtrack.

Dubbed “Opposites” the Sandwich High School marching band played with great fury through driving pieces and the calming tones of a soft and gentle melody heavy song.  Ending in a fury of flaming flags and pulsating drums, the marching band drew a close to their very different set.

Finally,Huntley’s  Red Raiders took to the field and stood gallantly in the final warm rays of October’s sun. The sounds of Eastern Asia and Nepal floated over the silent stands and still fields, while the movements from the color guard compared starkly to the stillness of the band. The sound was akin to the snowy mountain tops of Nepal.

With the final rays spilling onto the field, the Red Raiders marched powerfully off the field. A long day of competition was over, leaving the marching season on a powerful close.




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