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A Medical Mystery

Freshman Kendra Mitchell surrounded by her sisters

She’s missing her first year of high school basketball.

She’s missing training season for softball.

She’s missing most of her first semester of freshman year.

“It all just hits me with how much I’m missing out on,” said freshman Kendra Mitchell.

Mitchell has missed over three weeks of school, which has been incredibly tough on her.

“I am trying so hard to catch up and keep up with my school work,” said Mitchell. “But with all the pain and stress I’m dealing with, that is very hard to do.”

But she isn’t missing all of this by choice.

It started with severe headaches and stomach aches.

It escalated to dizzy spells, blurred vision, tingling of the legs, arms, hands, and feet.

Now she gets a daily dosage of it all with the added bonus of chest pain, breathing trouble and more, which makes tasks as easy as walking difficult.

And the scariest part of it all, the cause of her pain is still unknown.

Even after two trips to the emergency room, several doctor visits, and trial medication they still cannot get to the bottom of her serious condition.

With all this stress and tension, Mitchell still finds a way to keep hope.

“I rely on my family and friends to keep my attitude positive,” said Mitchell.

After having an MRI done, Mitchell and her family are waiting for the results, praying that it will hold the answers to her medical mystery.

So she just takes it all day by day, smiling as much as she can.

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