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A Smile in the Crowd


It’s a typical Monday morning. Students are rushing to their classes, friends are conversing in the hallway, and everyone is giving off blank stares as they walk down the hall, minds numb.

Except for her.

She makes sure to say hello to all of the people she knows.

She makes sure wave to her friends, even if they are across the hall.

She makes sure to smile at every person she passes, even if they don’t smile back.

But this is nothing new to junior Bailey Chmiola, she has been this way since middle school.

“I’ve learned that just by putting a smile on someone’s face, you really can turn their whole day around,” said Chmiola.

And making other people happy is what she takes pride in.

As an upbeat person herself, she loves to uplift any person she can; Random students during passing periods, teachers she sees in the hall,

But she did not grow up this way.

As a kid in elementary school, she describes herself as a bully.

“I was always really mean in elementary school,” said Chmiola.

But her role quickly changed once she got to middle school and was picked on for the way she looked and acted.

Realizing that she, too, once made people feel that way, she decided to make a change in her life.

“If I can make someone smile by simply giving them a compliment,” said Chmiola. “Then why not?”

Now, she makes sure to always be that one kind face in the crowd, because sometimes, all a person needs is a smile.

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