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A Greener Diet


For most people, living without a diet including juicy grilled steaks, chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, classic ball park hot dogs, and famous Philly cheese steaks is unimaginable. Yet, for sophomore Emily D’Antonio, being a vegetarian has been normal for the past 5 years.


By definition, vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat including red meats, poultry, seafood, insects, or any other type of animal based product.


Although this varies by person, it continues to be a popular trend for health, religious, and other purposes.


For D’Antonio being around meats isn’t really that big of a deal.


‘It’s not that different until I’m out with my friends, they act like they can’t even talk about it in front of me,” said D’Antonio. “It’s difficult when I’m with people or friends because I always feel high maintenance and picky, most of the time they’re eating meat.”


Her vegetarian diet isn’t as strict as some, sometimes having to eat meat if it is the last resort.


“There have been several times where I’ve had to eat meat, if it’s around and it’s my only option i’ll eat it,” said D’Antonio.


The purpose for her change of diet wasn’t religion or the harming of animals, even though it can factor in greatly, but the basic taste of meats.


“I never really liked the texture of meats, the flavoring is fine but the texture just isn’t my thing. It’s mostly red meats like steak,” said D’Antonio.


Even though being a vegetarian can be a healthier option, if you don’t know how to properly incorporate the missing nutrients into your diet, the effects can cause malnutrition.


“As long as you can find the proper proteins and vitamins through other sources, it’s not that bad,” said D’Antonio.


Some of D’Antonio’s favorite options are dark greens, grains, and beans. They provide proteins that she misses out on with not eating meats.


“My mom always says ‘The more colorful it is, the better it is for you,’” said D’Antonio.


Despite not eating some of her favorite meats such as chicken and pepperoni, the long term effects, according to D’Antonio, have been worth it.
“It’s better in the long run because it lowers your cholesterol and sodium levels. I will probably always be a vegetarian,” said D’Antonio.

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