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Celebrate the World Series win with ‘Go Cubs Go’

The Chicago Cubs have officially ended the curse (Courtesy of Facebook).

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night after a 108-year drought. The Cubs’ theme song, “Go Cubs Go,” could be heard all across the celebrating city. Steve Goodman wrote the song way back in 1984 to celebrate the Cubs  being the 1984 Nation League East Division Champions. “Go Cubs Go” became the team’s official song after that. 32 years later, the song is still one of celebration for the team and its fans. Personally, I am a White Sox fan and the Cubs are my sworn enemies, but even I found myself singing that song last night after the amazing win. On Sunday, it looked bad for the Cubs. The Indians were up in the series, leading 3-1. Chicago was able to pull it together and win game five of the World Series. They continued their streak during game six on Tuesday. Game seven of the World Series was a historic game for Chicago. The Cubs won, 8-7, in 10 innings. As Chicago continues to celebrate the long awaited win, play “Go Cubs Go” to celebrate at home.


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