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Jack’s Mannequin’s ‘Dark Blue’ has many different meanings

Jacks Mannequins first studio album cover, Everything in Transit (Courtesy of Facebook).
Jack’s Mannequin’s first studio album cover, “Everything in Transit” (Courtesy of Facebook).

Jack’s Mannequin, now known as the popular group Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, recorded “Dark Blue” way back in 2005 for their first studio album. In 2013, the song went gold, meaning that it made over $1 million in sales, almost eight years after the song’s initial release. It’s no surprise that the song did that well; it’s catchy, and holds a lot of different meaning to many people. Some people think it’s about love, breaking up, depression, and the list goes on. For me, it’s about the isolation that misery creates. The most supportive line from the song is, “dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room?” The other thing that McMahon mentions multiple times is the ocean, and how it swallows you, which could be a strong metaphor for depression and misery. Listen to the song below and determine its meaning for yourself.

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