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Reliving the old Sum 41

The album cover for In too Deep (Courtesy of Wikmedia).
The album cover for “In too Deep” (Courtesy of Wikmedia).

In light of 101 WKQX’s Piqniq Music Festival tickets going on sale, I started listening to music by the artists who are going to be there. The only song I recognized by Sum 41 was “In Too Deep,” which was featured in “Cheaper by the Dozen,” one of my all time favorite movies. “In Too Deep” is your classic punk rock song, vocals and instrumental. The song itself can be interpreted in many different ways¬†and have different meanings across the board for other people. To me, it’s about finally realizing that you’ve reached your limit and you cannot keep up with all of the crap in your life, but the cool thing about this song is that it is not depressing. Songs with similar meanings¬†are usually a lot more depressing than this one. The music video for “In too Deep” is a diving competition, taking the title of the song literally, which I found hilarious. The song was released in September of 2001, which was 15 years ago. The song and band are still relevant today, and can be seen at Piqniq in May!

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