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The Wrecks are up and coming

The Wrecks performing their song (Courtesy of Facebook).

The Wrecks, an up and coming indie rock band, only have a few released songs at the moment. But their best one by far, “Favorite Liar,” is a catchy tune that will have you screaming along in the car, or at least I do. The black and white music video follows around the band while they do pop-up shows, and shows funny clips of the band doing various things around their stages. “Favorite Liar” is about a relationship full of lies, as the name implies, and despite that, the two still can’t stay away from each other. The song describes a lot of relationships these days. Many of us know our relationship is toxic or bad, but we can’t resist it. The Wrecks remind me of a lot of bands, such as Cage the Elephant and The Killers, and will definitely reach the same popularity of those bands in the coming years.

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