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“Down” puts Marian Hill on the map

The duo posing during a photoshoot (Courtesy of Marian Hills Facebook).
The duo posing during a photoshoot (Courtesy of Marian Hill’s Facebook).

Marian Hill, a fairly unheard of duo, has recently sparked the interest of Americans, due to frequent play on the radio. “Down” is part of the duo’s first album, “Act One,” which was released in 2016. The song was featured in Apple’s iPhone 7 AirPods commercial during a playoff football game. The duo, Samantha Gongol and and Jeremy Lloyd, met in middle school, and were both in a production of “The Music Man,” which is where the idea for their band name came from. Gongol played Marian Paroo and Lloyd played Harry Hill. The song “Down” looks at, what is in my opinion the most basic aspect of going to the club, asking if someone is “down” to dance with you or hang out. The song is an incredibly catchy and toned down dance song, being that it’s not quite as poppy and loud. Check out the live version below.


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