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Hooked on High-Waisted

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Look down the hallways of any high school or mall and you will be sure to see them. With the leaves falling from trees and temperatures dropping, girls have dragged them out from the back of their drawers for the upcoming months. High-waisted jeans are back.

We spent all summer seeing high-waisted shorts, but now the jeans are back and bigger than ever.

It all started during the mid-2010s. The industry was looking for an alternative to the ultra-low cut jeans favored by stars like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. It was a return to comfort and the higher rise pants of the 1970s.

But, some things have changed. Not only are there high-rise skinny jeans, there are high-rise boot cut and the classic high-rise mom jean with a relaxed fit in the waist.

Brands like American Eagle and Gap have capitalized on the new trends, offering these cuts in a variety of sizes and colors. From olive green to mauve, you can find these jeans in any fall color.

Rivaling high-waisted jeans are the boyfriend and girlfriend jean. There are many variations, but both mostly feature straight cut legs and a relaxed fit through the waist and hips. They give the appearance of both a slim and slouchy fit, perfect for a relaxed day out on the town. These still take hints from the high-waisted trend, further distancing themselves from the low cuts of the 2000s.

The high-waisted style applies to more than jeans as well. With the rise of the athleisure trend, even leggings and yoga pants now come in high-waisted options, and high-waisted skirts are popular and often paired with crop tops.

For many, the high-waisted options allow for a slim looking fit that tucks everything in. It creates a streamlined body image in a culture that abhors the appearance of rolls. For others, they are just a comfortable alternative to other pants in the industry.

Whatever you prefer, wear what makes you happy.

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