Bring on Bachelor in Paradise

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By Kelsey Ryan

During the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, the cast was full of never ending drama. It ranged from shutting down due to false accusations to best friends stealing each other’s men.

It was surprising to see that the majority of the men who started on the journey were from Rachel’s season, and it seemed like most of the women came from Nick’s season. In a way, it was annoying because it’s nice to see old faces every once in awhile, and this season really lacked that experience.

It was very surprising to see how quickly it went downhill when DeMario was accused of assaulting Corrine. There was a lot of false rumors spread and the situation was definitely blown out of proportion. When it came down to it, both of them said that it was a misunderstanding and that they are upset with how negatively it affected their lives.

Dean came across as a hot commodity during this season. It was as if every girl that walked into paradise had her eyes set on him right away. He ended up acting like a jerk while dealing with all of the new attention he was receiving. It is assumed that since he went from a show where he had to constantly fight for another person, he was overwhelmed with the amount of people fighting over him, and acted in a way that wasn’t his true character.

There was also a lot of people ‘friendzoning’ each other as well as people on the receiving end this season. It sometimes gave the impression that some of the cast only came for friends and party time. Some people that stood out because of their recurring task of being a friend are Robby Hayes, Lacey Mark, Jack Stone, Alex Woytkiw, and Iggy Rodriguez.

Through the many breakups that occurred during season four, there were a few couples who made it through. Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth, as well as Raven gates and Adam Gottschalk are still going strong outside of paradise.