Maroon 5’s new album certainly does not give you the ‘blues’


By Riley Murphy

Written by Riyana Walker

Maroon 5 has struck yet another time with their new hits topping the charts and ranking number two on the billboards ever since being released to the public. This new album shares a piece of each one of the artists.

The reviews and ratings of “Red Pill Blues” have been positive so far. The album is even said to be the number 53 on Greatest albums of 2017. When you listen to this album, you can not help but feel like you are at a concert and are just in awe of the songs and the instruments.

Adam Levine, the lead singer of  Maroon 5, says “Red Pill Blues” is about “The right songs at the right time.” These songs are about what is going on in the world right now and how the artists view those certain problems and issues.

“Red Pill Blues” is guaranteed to have a song that everyone can relate to, considering that this album is not just about love songs or heartbreak, but instead about people and their lives. Now don’t get me wrong, some of the songs are about love and being close to a loved one. However, others are about thinking of how someone can make you feel with their words or their touch.

When you think about a ‘boy band,’ you usually think about hardcore songs with a little bit of heartbreak.  In this scenario, this is exactly what you should expect. Telling you about this album is one thing, but I cannot show you the actual feelings that I had when listening to the album myself. So I recommend that you listen to the album yourself and see what you think about it.

The Album “Red Pill Blues” is truly a touching and hardcore album. It is not harsh or boring. I think the way Adam Levine described it was the very best way it could be portrayed. The album consists of song that are truly here at the right time.