Behind the Scenes on the Bachelor

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By Kelsey Ryan

Have you ever wondered how it truly goes down on The Bachelor? The show always seems to hire the most dramatic cast possible and someone has to encourage all those tears behind the scenes.

The constant drama and clashing between contestants probably is caused by the fact that the show actually takes comprehensive psychological exams before they allow them to participate on the show. If the show knows how their mind works, then they can probably predict which people will hate each other, therefore giving everyone the most entertaining TV possible.

If you really want know how rigged the show is, then you should be informed that couples have to stay together for a whole two years in order to keep the ring that they receive during the engagement. After two years, if they want to sell the ring to make money off of it, they have to notify ABC. So if you’re ever wondering why the couples stay engaged for so long and wait to get married, think about that.

As for how the contestants entertain themselves during filming, they barely can. The producers don’t allow any cellphones, computers, magazines, music, or books. So basically their only communication with the real world is the other crazy girls that they live with. If you think about it, it probably contributes to the amount of hate that spreads throughout the house too. It also explains why everyone feels the need to get involved in all of the drama. There’s nothing else to do!

The show is filmed in a time span of only seven weeks, so all that “true love” sounds even crazier when you find that out. Also, if you watch closely, you’ll never see any of the contestants eat when they go out of the dates. It’s because the microphones would pick up on the sound of them chewing so they eat in their hotel rooms beforehand. That is definitely not a real date.

Lastly, since the show is aired all across the country, most of the contestants really want to seem like they live a higher class life than they actually do. Most of the hometown dates that they air aren’t even held at the person’s real house. It is usually a rented home or a wealthier relatives house.

Overall, The Bachelor is a lot different behind the scenes than it is portrayed in real life. Make sure to look out for the other sketchy details about the show the next time you watch!