This is why dogs are better than cats


By Kelsey Ryan

60% of American households have a pet and of those owners, 73% have a dog. It’s clear that dogs are favored when it comes to picking out a pet, but here are some reasons that a dog is the prefered pet and why cats will always fall behind.

The obvious fact would be that dogs are more trainable and more entertaining. They are able to learn tricks, play games, and have a blast with whoever. Cats on the other hand, are lazy and only want to lay around. What cat do you see wagging its tail ready to play a game other than clawing at a string every once in a while? Cats don’t listen. You can’t call a cat to come after they take a nap or tell it to roll over.

Another reason to prefer dogs is the love and compassion that they show humans. They greet you at the door, lick you when you’re sad, and constantly want your love. Cats will leave you alone for days at a time and don’t seem to care where you are or for how long. Why have a pet that doesn’t even show their love for you? Sure, kittens can be lovable towards their owners, but they grow out of it so quickly. Dogs on the other hand, continue to love you forever. Dogs even distance themselves from their owners when they feel themselves dying because they don’t want them to feel hurt or sad. It’s so sweet!

Dogs also have such a love for humans, that they continue to be of service. Service dogs are there for their humans willingly with almost no break whatsoever. They assist police officers and firefighters without any hesitation. They will attack dangerous people when someone seems to be threatened. Have you ever seen a cat jump to help someone? Cats don’t care about people or their well being. Dogs on the other hand, dedicate their whole life so being there for their owners. Some dogs are even search dogs that keep schools safe and help find people who are missing. Dogs even helped us here at Huntley during our lockdown!

In conclusion, dogs will always be the superior pets. It’s proven by the numbers and facts, but also by the way dogs are there for humans each and every day.