The highly anticipated end of “The Bachelor”


Courtesy of USA Today

By Kelsey Ryan

After a long and kind of boring season of “The Bachelor,” it’s finally the final three. Hometowns were actually one of the most interesting parts of this season. There were a lot of overprotective parents and awkward conversations that were very laughable. The dads seemed over protective and the girls did not stop crying.

I was surprised when Tia went home after hometowns. It seemed like they were going to make it longer than that and the fact that he picked Kendal was extremely surprising. I thought that his weakest relationship out of the four was with Kendal. Maybe they just didn’t show everything on the screen.

I can already predict what will happen during the “Women Tell All” episode because they always go the same way. It will most likely consist of everyone attacking Crystal and then Crystal claiming that she’s a victim and that she did nothing wrong. This cast was a group of girls that although they are very pretty, they basically imitate every other season that has ever aired on The Bachelor. There is nothing different about them that truly makes this season better than the others.

As for the girls left, I think that Becca seems sweet and has stayed out of drama, but she also doesn’t seem to be that close with Arie. It seemed like after their first one-on-one, their relationship dulled and there wasn’t much there. She seems like a good person and I would be glad to see her picked, but her relationship doesn’t seem that strong.

Lauren B is also someone who seems to have strayed away from the drama and she also seems very kind and quiet. I didn’t even know she was on the show until about the sixth episode. She really didn’t stand out until there was very few girls left. She seems like she has the strongest relationship with Arie out of the three. They get along really well and you can tell that he likes her a lot.

Lastly, Kendal seems pretty nice too. She stood out in the beginning because of her odd addiction with taxidermy. It still seems very weird and when she brought it out to play with on her hometown date, I felt sick. She seems the least likely to make it to the engagement. I would have guessed that she would go home last episode.

The end to this season should be a good one and I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. The beginning of this season was disappointing, but I think it’s gotten better as it goes.