“The Bachelor” finale recap


Courtesy of The Bachelor Facebook

By Kelsey Ryan

We have finally reached the end of what is considered the most controversial season in “The Bachelor” history. To be fair though, they do say this at the end of every single season. There has been so many rumors spiraling about the morals behind how they ended the season and there has been an extreme amount of hate towards Arie.

The season seemed pretty much like every other season that has ever aired on The Bachelor. There was the mean girl, the annoying one, the drama queen, the mom, and the sweet one that gets sent home at the last minute. It was the same drama and the same feuds. What changed, was the finale that made me cringe the whole way through.

Of course, Arie fell in love with both of his final two and told both of them. There was kind of a 50, 50 chance of who he would pick. I wasn’t surprised when Lauren stepped out of the car first because the actual proposal part of the show wasn’t very hyped up.

Also, on a side note, did anyone else see the socks that Arie decided to wear in a couple of his outfits during the finale? Those were definitely an interesting choice.

Anyway, the controversial part of the season was the live airing of Arie and Becca’s break up. They didn’t edit it and it was kind of brutal to watch. The big question going around is, was it okay that they aired such a personal thing on live TV? Personally, all though the clip was absolutely horrible, Becca did know what she was signing up for when she was casted for the show. The Bachelor is meant to be personal and even though it was sad, The Bachelor franchise wasn’t completely wrong for allowing it to air.

The breakup scene was sad, but I kind of laughed my way through it. Becca kept asking Arie to leave and he continued to stare at her and ask if she’s okay. No Arie, she’s obviously not okay, you just broke up with her on live television. It was just such a cringy clip, that it somehow turned out funny.

A lot of people were rooting for Becca because of Lauren’s lack of personality. That’s understandable considering Lauren was extremely boring. It was sad to see Becca go but I’m sure we’ll hear about Arie and Lauren falling apart very soon.