How real is the bachelor?

Courtesy of The Bachelor

Courtesy of The Bachelor

By Kelsey Ryan

As you watch the show there is always the doubt in the back of your mind about whether everything going on is scripted or actually real. With the contestants constantly insulting each other by using the term “she’s not here for the right reason,” it can sometimes blur the lines about how real The Bachelor truly is.

To start, most of the contestants that join the show apply as a joke or because their friends do it for them. Typically, this wouldn’t imply that the contestants are joining the show for the “true love” factor, but more for the possible fun that could come out of it. People constantly make fun of how fake the bachelor is and how dramatic the girls are. How would this make it intriguing to join the show?

Another common influence to participate on the show is the fame that comes with it. The contestants gain thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers which then leads to brand deals and free stuff. Many even think that if they make it far enough, they can become the next bachelorette and then not even need a job for the next year.

The idea of being able to leave work and be a social media star for an occupation is intriguing for some people. Therefore, you could say that the contestants are gold diggers and they aren’t actually there to make the show as real as possible.

You could also say that the show isn’t real because of the lack of communication with the outside world. Think about it. They put a group of insane woman all in one house and they take away any form of entertainment and communication with others.

Then they put out an insane amount of alcohol for the girls and then put a camera in their face. That is the perfect recipe for someone to go insane. It’s how they get most of their interview footage. They look at the producers as their only friends because they don’t have anyone else and therefore, use them to share their feelings with.

The only difference is that this friend puts a camera in your face and then puts the footage on national television.

So yes, you could say that the girls aren’t there for the actual purpose of the show and that it isn’t actually real. But that is still a matter of opinion.