Girls Lacrosse Takes a Hard Hit


By Kelsey Ryan

The Huntley High School Girls Lacrosse Team took on Palatine at a recent game. The game began with palatine winning the first face-off. Soon after Palatine put their first point on the bored as #21 scored.
Soon after, #5 from Palatine scored and continued their lead against Huntley. After that #12 from Palatine added her second point to the scoreboard.

Palatine then won the next face-off and #12 scored which gave Palatine the lead against Huntley 2-0. Palatine then also won the third face off of the game. With 15 minutes remaining in the first half, Huntley was still behind Palatine 0-2.
More Palatine players added to the scoreboard and at the end of the first half Huntley was still yet to score. Palatine had the lead of 6-0.
As the second half began, Palatine continued strong as they won the first face-off of the half. Palatine scored again and with 20 minutes remaining on the clock, Palatine was still leading by a large amount.
Soon, Palatine had a lead of 12-0. On Palatine, both #21 and #11 were on fire. With 10 minutes left, the score still had Palatine leading by a large margin 14-0.
But Huntley came back with a strong finish and with only a few minutes remaining both Alexis Hernandez and Kate Joyce added to Huntley’s score for the first time during the game.
Although Huntley had a rough start, they finished strong. They look forward to future games as they grow and continue to improve.
“We are a very strong and cohesive team and we always know how to work hard on the field. In time with more practice our team will continue to grow and strengthen as a unit and I’m so happy to be a part of such a fun sport,” Sophomore Brooke Borchart said.
Make sure to come out and support the girls at their next game on April 27 at 7 p.m. at home!