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Boys basketball picks up first win of the year


The Raiders picked up their first win of the season on Monday, Nov. 21.

A resilient Chicago Harper defense had no chance against a hot Huntley offense that attacked inside early and often in the first round of the Sycamore Tournament.

“We ran our offense well,” said head coach Marty Manning, “but we need to start running under pressure and playing quicker.”

In addition to a fast -break offense, Huntley also had huge breakthroughs on defense. A mere 13 points during the first half made room for a slightly better, but still futile second half. This was amist a Chicago Harper defense that was very aggressive and extremely penalty prone.

“Officials call fouls a lot early in the year,” said Manning. “Once the year gets going fouls will start to minimize.”

During the first quarter, sophomore Amanze Egekeze had an above average 60 percent field goal percentage, while the rest of the team settled in at about 50 percent. Starting the game out quickly and with huge fan support, Egekeze made the first score of the season count; a momentus dunk over the heads of the opposing team. But that momentum did not stop there.

“We were pretty good offensively and got a lot of easy shots,” said Egekeze.

The second quarter made way for more team work, as each player began chipping away at an already feeble Chicago Harper’s defense.

“We did great on defense and just shut them down completely,” said Egekeze.

During the second half, the team relied heavily on takeaways. But the defense itself also stopped nearly all shots taken beyond the arch, leaving a complete goose-egg on the Chicago Harper’s second half three point offense.

“We took care of the ball,” said junior Bryce Beschorner. “We didn’t allow them to shoot well.”

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