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Most of Route 47 Construction Comes to End


The estimated $24 million road widening project to extend Route 47 in Huntley is finally reaching its completion. Many of the major lanes are open for traffic.

The bigger lanes on 47 are now open and the construction will work around to finish up on any left turn lanes.

The construction will be working over winter and drivers should expect to continue seeing construction workers putting up the street lights.

There will definitely be temporary shut downs as the years progress but it will not be a frequent occurrence.

Last year those in the surrounding community noticed a great need in wider lanes.

“There was just one lane in each direction and because our community has grown so much there is a lot of traffic here now,” said Business Development Coordinator Margo Griffin.

Due to the location of Route 47 in the I-90 corridor, those going to the interstate generally travel on 47 and so the road can get very busy, quickly. In the past it has been difficult keeping the traffic flowing, but with the widening of the roads, the village hopes to see a reduction in this problem.

“During construction it was hard to get in ands out of the stores and many of the stores experienced issues with their power surges. Sometimes all throughout the day, their water was out,” said Griffin. “This is typical when you have a large construction project like this. Former customers were taken their business elsewhere, where the roads weren’t as hectic.”

So it is without saying that many of the businesses that have had to go through this widening process are very grateful that most of the work is out of the way.

And in merely a couple days since the announcement of the completion of the key roads, many of the stores on 47 have noticed a drastic change in the traffic.

“It was a big inconvenience for our customers. We would receive comments constantly asking when it [the project] would be done,” said Andrea Escobedo, McDonald’s manager. “I’m just happy the roads are better now.”

The schools are expected to benefit from the completion of the major roads as well.

“Hopefully they [the bus routes] will be somewhat improved because of the turn lanes on Main Street and Route 47,” said Grffin. “In the past, it has been a challenge to cross over Route 47.”

However, the roads are by no means complete.

“The roads will not totally be complete until June of next year,” said Griffin. “Many people are just grateful they can now drive on the major roads.”








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