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Community Comes Together To Rally for Huntley Hospital


The intersection of Algonquin and Haligus Road in Huntley was more bustling than usual on Friday, Dec. 12.

The event was held outside of the Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center in Huntley to rally for the new hospital Centegra has proposed.  The rally, held from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., featured nearly 200 supporters and the Huntley High School drum line.  Supporters cheered from the vast area where the hospital would be built if approved, holding “We Support Centegra Hospital-Huntley” signs and cheering “Honk for Huntley” throughout the afternoon.

“People [who could not come to the hearing next week] were interested in doing something more for the hospital,” said community member Cheryl Meyer, who organized the event and has had a large role in advertising the new hospital proposal.

In addition to Friday’s rally, Meyer has looked over the community and how the word would be spread out to residents around the hospital’s proposed location.

“We talked to all of Huntley, most of Algonquin and Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, some of Marengo, a little bit of Hampshire,” said Meyer.  “We have a coach bus to go down to the hearing [to show support].”

Centegra’s proposal to build a new hospital in Huntley is going to be decided upon at a hearing with the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board on Wednesday, Dec. 7.  In addition to time advantages, the 360-thousand-square-foot hospital would feature 128 beds and would create 1,100 permanent jobs to the community, according to Centegra Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning Susan Milford.

“It’s all about development,” said Milford, who was present at the rally along with other Centegra executives.  “We knew eventually that the population would be such that a hospital would be required on this campus.”

Meyer has also surveyed the population growth, but with her own eyes from within the community.

“In the 11 years I have lived here, we saw the population triple,” said Meyer.  “The school district responded by building seven new schools.  IDOT [Illinois Department of Transportation] responded with the new [Route] 47 interchange.  It only makes sense that the healthcare respond and allow a hospital to be a reasonable and safe distance from people’s homes.”

Among the masses of supporters was Huntley High School junior Andrew Rewertz, who has a personal connection with the hospital.

“In fifth grade, I had a lot of headaches and once was dehydrated and fainted,” said Rewertz, who waved a sign since 4 p.m. “My parents were freaking out because they didn’t know what was happening and the closest hospital was almost 30 minutes away.”

Rewertz appreciates Centegra and hopes the hospital will get approved.

“Centegra had done a lot of great things for our community,” said Rewertz.  “[The event] was very successful.”

Meyer agrees with Rewertz about the rally’s success.

“I think it has been very successful, given how cold it is,” said Meyer.  “The campaign in itself has been hugely successful.  The impact would be immense and it is a win-win all the way around.”

You can find more details about the pending hospital here. (

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