“A Star is Born” is one for the books


From “A Star is Born” official website

By Olivia Mack

A modernized depiction of a tragic love story, “A Star is Born,” is a movie that can bring someone to tears, and features an astounding soundtrack.

The second remake of the original, directed by Bradley Cooper, the film focuses on a musically talented pair, Ally, played by Lady Gaga, and Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper.

Jack, who starts off the movie as a famous artist, stumbles into a Hollywood drag bar after performing one of his shows.

He struggles with his own inner demons, with being an alcoholic, as well as a drug addict. Jack first gets introduced to waitress Ally, as she performs at the bar after one of her shifts at a restaurant.

She is seen performing a heart-wrenching version of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose,” and definitely gives the song the justice it deserves. After she sits in the dressing room and her best friend brings Jack back to meet her. That’s when their relationship starts, as Jack asks her out for drinks.

After establishing a relationship with each other, Jack starts to bring Ally on stage during his tour to sing with him. Ally receives an opportunity to get a deal with a big record label and takes it. They end up getting married, and it is a spur of the moment thing, which ends up being one of the most romantic scenes in the film itself.

Jack’s decline begins to start in this part of the movie. His quality of life gets worse, as he becomes more absorbed with alcohol and drugs. Ally’s career, on the other hand, soars with her starting to go on tour and completing an album.

Jack finally realizes he needs help and goes to rehab, going clean from both the alcohol and drugs. From there on, their relationship is like a roller coaster. Jack is in a constant battle with his own mental state, not confiding in Ally about it at all. It’s definitely hard to see how this affects him and their relationship. This emotional love story provides heartaches for all.

This movie is recommended for 17 and up, which seems like the correct age range for the audience. It pays tribute to the original film and is an enjoyable movie to watch. Gaga’s vocals are stunning and Cooper’s are surprisingly filled with talent. With beautifully written songs and starlit actors, this movie sure is one for the books.