Tea Time Blog: The Brexit Frenzy and the Future of Great Britain


Courtesy of BBC.com

By Ayman Mirkhan

Welcome to Tea Time. For this time around, we’ve decided to take a new approach to the series and start a blog. Today, we will be talking about everyone’s favorite subject: Politics. More specifically, English Parliament and their recent actions in the fight over Brexit.

Brexit is the short term used to describe the potential “British Exit” from the European Union. However, many still don’t fully understand how this argument spurred up initially and we got into this mess of hostile politics.

Immigration. That’s where it all really starts nowadays. We live in a world where immigration is common issue discussed about by politicians and how a state should properly maintain it.

The European Union basically tries to treat its members as if they were apart of one big country; as if they were like the United States themselves. They treat different nations like states where all you have to do is travel to the new country and not go through customs and such.

This has become a huge problem for the U.K. as a flood of Eastern European immigrants have come to the U.K without any restrictions and are taking up a lot of needed resources needed for the common good.

Though many people may want to make foreign policy parallels between the U.S and the U.K., their situations are not close in the slightest.

The United Kingdom is a limited monarchy on paper, but in reality, serves as primarily as a socialist state. The general concept being people pay higher taxes and the government will provide more for the people.

From housing to a college education, the U.K. offers a multitude of social services for the people and tries to provide for every citizen it can. However, this becomes a problem when you don’t have enough resources to provide for everyone.

With no restrictions on immigrating to any country, the U.K. has now been forced to provide for more and more people, without enough money to provide to everyone.

According to gov.uk, the United Kingdom has seen a 17 percent increase in EU immigration, the total number racking up to 19.9 million immigrants in 2018.

This astonishing number seems to have no end whatsoever. So, after hearing all these facts might make many wonder ‘then why don’t we just leave then?’ The simple answer being the economic devastation Brexit can leave behind to the nation.

After just announcing the feasible plans of the U.K. leaving the EU, late 2016 had the English pound drop about a third of a dollar in value. Though this may seem small, this had a huge effect to the U.K.’s economy.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron feared this possibility from the start and was one of the main advocates for the United Kingdom to stay within the EU.

However, when votes started to sway toward opposing side, Cameron decided to leave his job as prime minister and leave the occupation open to deluded and ignorant politician Theresa May.

By only getting the occupation because David Cameron left his position as prime minister, Theresa May has continuously failed to help the U.K., but rather do what she thinks is best.

For example, her numerous attempts to befriend and follow orders of U.S President Donald Trump has left England primarily disconnected from the government. After disrespecting Queen Elizabeth countless times, the people had simply had enough and started to riot and protest against Brexit all together.