Texan BBQ Serves a Taste of the South

By Mady Borst

The outdoors unpleasantly greeted me with the bitter air. Cold winds lashed against my face as soon as I stepped out of the car. I was yearning to be somewhere much warmer.

I walked up the deep brown, rustic steps of the Texas-themed diner. After walking through the entrance, I transported from suburban Chicago in 2019 to the South in the 1900s.

Texan Barbeque is a family-owned and operated restaurant known for its Texas-inspired food. It is located on Main St. in Algonquin and appears to be a house at first glance.

I felt like I was sucked into a different era the moment I entered. The eatery is dressed in horseshoes, antique signs, and more Texas decor.  

I love how Texan Barbeque appears to come straight out of a scene of an action-packed cowboy movie.

I took a look at the menu prior to my arrival to find that the meal options were abundant in the variety of food choices.

Though Texan is known for their barbeque specialities, they still incorporate vegetarian options in the menu.

For the first meal, I ordered the Western Burger with a baked potato. The dish also came with coleslaw and beans.

The Prime Rib Dinner and curly fries, along with coleslaw and beans, made up the second meal. I also decided to give the Famous Funnel Cake a try.

I kept it simple for the beverages and ordered a water. Apart from fountain drinks, Texan has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages– which is obviously off limits for me.

I first passed the bar after walking from the ordering space towards the dining area. I do believe the eatery has more of an adult environment, but going there as a family is completely appropriate.

Texan’s seating is sectioned off and the wooden booths rise above the heights of seated guests, making for a private and cozy experience.

The walls, floor, and ceiling are entirely composed of deep-brown wood. Dark, rustic texture closing in on the inside of Texan brings a warmer vibe to it.

As I was looking at the pictures and cowboy equipment on the walls, the food was served to my table.

I first tasted the Western Burger, which was a total hit. The bacon, cheese, and onions were a flavorful combination. I had to wait to eat the baked potato because of how hot it was, but it did taste buttery and well-baked.

Personally, I was not fond of the Prime Rib Dinner. Though the meat was tender, it did not have the burst of flavor I hoped for. I do believe others would enjoy this dish more than I did.

The curly fries were a highlight of my experience; after telling myself to eat just one more fry, I could not help but eat more.

I did not taste the coleslaw and beans, since I am not particularly a fan of either one.

Once I was ready, one of the workers served the funnel cake. I appreciated being able to take my time while chatting and eating.

Dessert is definitely not necessary following a full plate at Texan, but I am glad that I at least gave it a try.

The funnel cake was large enough to split among four or five people. It was pleasantly warm and coated with sugar. The taste reminded me of all the joys of a carnival.

I ended up putting most of the funnel cake in a to-go box. I admire Texan for their unique selection- funnel cake is not a common dessert served at most restaurants.

My overall experience at the diner was excellent in terms of both the food and environment. I recommend the Western Burger with curly fries; it will not disappoint.

Texan Barbeque in Algonquin is the place to go for authentic cuisine and a change of atmosphere.