Feb. 21 Board of Education Meeting


Logo courtesy of District 158’s website

By Jarrod Khoo

The Feb. 21 District 158 Board of Education meeting moved fluidly last night, the first notable highlight being the board’s recognition of the Marlowe Middle School cheerleading squad, which placed third in their state competition.

The board then opened the session to public comment, during which Sandra Van Buren praised her daughter’s teacher for inspiring her to enjoy learning. Van Buren urged the board to renew the teacher’s contract, noting her daughter’s improved in-class and standardized test scores.

A series of students and parents then came forward in support of the proposition. The board agreed to take their comments under advisement before moving forward.

The board then agreed to remove agenda items 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 from the agenda.

Afterward, the board outlined the first draft of the district budget, going into detail for each income and expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board seems confident that the district’s revenues will increase under Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Based on the Board’s predictions, the district will be able to end the current fiscal year with a $53,000 surplus.

A former District 158 music educator then addressed the board, praising the board for reviving the fifth-grade band and orchestra, and for expanding Huntley High School’s fine arts program.

She then suggested that the district continue to expand its music programs, citing examples such as guitar and electronically-generated music.

The regular meeting then proceeded to adjourn at 8 p.m.