“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World”: A Phenomenal Way to End a Trilogy


Courtesy of Universal Pictures

By Jordyn Grist

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” is a perfect conclusion to the “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy.

The series took flight in 2010 when the first movie was released. By 2014, the second was in theaters. Now, nine years after the original, “The Hidden World” is showing.

Present high school students can look back at their childhood and remember these movies fondly–the thrilling adventures of Hiccup, and his Night Fury, Toothless.

The movie starts by throwing the audience into an action-packed, yet comedic, ‘battle’ between a rival Viking group and Hiccup and his friends.

Once the scene finishes, the group returns to Berk, the island where Hiccup and his friends live. Hiccup begins narrating with a phrase now familiar to all “How to Train your Dragon,” fans alike: “This is Berk…”

The movie progresses rather quickly, but not too much so that it feels like the characters haven’t developed at all. In fact, this movie seems to focus in on the dragons more than the characters this time around.

Specifically, the bond between Hiccup and Toothless is tested and pulled to the extreme, especially when Toothless meets a female Light Fury.

Hiccup grows jealous of Toothless’ relationship with the Light Fury, and his bond with his dragon friend strains when he tries to balance his time with Toothless, and Toothless’ time with the rival dragon.

Throughout the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, we, the audience, have been through a journey of hardship and sacrifice, but most importantly- a test of friendship.

I was 8 years old when I watched the first “How to Train Your Dragon” movie. Now, nine years later, I remember the journey I’ve been on.

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” will make every returning fan cry, or at the very least, emotional. The journey we’ve followed for the past nine years has, sadly, finally met a conclusion.

Albeit it is a satisfying conclusion, it is still a saddening event for any fan of the series. We have witnessed the characters growing; we’ve watched as characters have been through hardship, or even face harm.

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” is an exciting, tear-jerking, and heart-tearing watch -a must-see for any fan. It’s time to watch the conclusion between Hiccup and Toothless because all great stories must come to an end.