April Best Dressed


T. Routhier

By Ashley Reilly

Senior Travis Routhier has always had taste that differed from the social norm; he loves to wear black bazaar clothes that no one else would wear. On April 18, Travis walked the Huntley halls wearing a, primarily black, band-themed outfit.

“I guess you could say I have a Gothic perspective on things but with my take on it,” Travis said. Although his style isn’t what every high schooler wears, Travis is always prideful of his unique clothing choices.

Often times Travis finds himself basing his own fashion on Oliver Sykes, the lead vocalist for “Bring Me The Horizon,” who Travis not only met at the America Nightmare Concert but also got to sing with.

“People have their own opinions that’s fine, but I kind of do my own thing,” Travis said. “I’ve had many people judge me for my style but it’s never really bothered me.”

Unique, confident, and fun. No combination beats that when it comes to fashion.


Travis’ look includes:

Undershirt- Walmart

T-shirt Bring Me The Horizon America Nightmare concert

Vest- Black Craft from Hot Topic

Trapp NYC Pants- Hot Topic

Belt with chains- Hot Topic

Pocket Chain and wallet- Hot Topic

LG Headphones- Sams Club

Socks- Oil Sykes clothing line Drop Dead from the UK


An outfit is used to express yourself to the world, but often it is used to make someone seem similar to others. Travis sticks to expressing himself, does not cater to the style of others, and rocks it every single day.