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Local theater group brings “Little Women” to Huntley

Local theater group brings Little Women to Huntley
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Quality live theatre entertainment is difficult to find without taking a full-day trip to the city and emptying your wallet, but Greenroom Productions offers stunning performances that are local and inexpensive.

Their latest production, “Little Women: the Musical” was performed at the Huntley Cosman Cultural Center and it ran from Dec. 10 through Dec. 18. Written by Jon Lorenz and Robb Bues, the show is based on the classic story by Lousia May Alcott.  It features four lovable sisters and their family growing up during the Civil War, embracing change, and discovering who they are.

The show was filled with heartwarming scenes. It also included memorable musical numbers including “Imagine,” “Actor’s Society,” “Changes,” and many more.

Cassidy Reich, age 19, has been performing since she was a 7-year-old, and loves being onstage.  She portrayed the role of Jo March with a powerful dramatic essence, and captured Jo’s love for her family and friends brilliantly.

“I grew up with the story,” said Reich. “I make it a tradition for myself to watch the movie every Thanksgiving.”

Her sister read the book when they were young and inspired Cassidy’s love for “Little Women. She later fell in love with the Broadway musical which inspired her to audition for Greenroom’s production.

“It is just a beautiful story with so much wisdom and life lessons,” said Reich.

Greenroom is a Christian theatre company that was founded in 1999 by a group of students from Judson University when the school’s theatre program was cancelled. They specialize in Improvisation and they put on two improve shows every month, one at Hemmen’s Auditorium in Elgin and one at the Cosman  Center. They also put on a full season of shows every year including musicals, sketch comedies, plays, and even cabaret shows.

There is not a more welcoming environment than the loving atmosphere at Greenroom’s shows. From the intimate seating to the excellent service, Greenroom is some of the best community theatre in the area. They use their performances to spread their faith, while providing family-friendly comedy.

Reich compares her experience with Greenroom to Jo March’s attic. It is her sanctuary: the place where she can go to be herself without having to worry about the troubles or changes of life. Reich feels the same way about working with Greenroom Productions.

“It was the best experience on Earth,” said Reich. “In the show, Jo has her attic. Well, Greenroom is my own attic.”

Greenroom Theater produces a Cabaret show last year. (Michael Geheren/Patch)


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