New outdoor seating for the 2019-2020 school year


By Maggie Kirwin

As the 2019-2020 school year began, a new outdoor seating area, the courtyard, was introduced. It is located in the central wing, right by the passive commons. It is being used as a workspace for students during blended hours and study halls.

Students should be using the courtyard “as a quiet space to learn,” Lindsey Sara, head of courtyard production said. The courtyard is meant to be not as quiet as the HUB, but not as loud as the lunchroom or commons. Principal Marcus Belin also wants students to be mindful that “there are about 30 classrooms that face the courtyard,” so students should not be disruptive to classes.

The courtyard provides the ability to get fresh air and sunlight during the school day. This new outdoor space is appreciated by students who do not have the ability to leave during blended hours. It helps ensure that students aren’t cooped up in the high school all day.

“It’s a very nice area and I like to spend time with my friends out here. I like meeting new people, like freshmen. It’s a very nice and quiet place where I can study,” sophomore Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu said.

Unfortunately, students like Melissa cannot be in the courtyard during their lunch period. The reason for closing the courtyard during lunch is because “the volume of students who may want to go outside cannot be controlled with the limited amount of staff supervising,” Belin said. The outdoor seating area is open periods one through three and then reopens seventh and eighth. Although students aren’t allowed to be in the courtyard during lunch, they can still eat there as long as they throw away any garbage.

Besides the schedule of the courtyard, the main rule is that students need to leave the courtyard better than they found it. The staff behind the new area are hoping that by having the students keep this area clean, the students would be taught to be mindful of the environment. It would also help beautify the area.

The courtyard is open all year round, weather permitting, and is an enjoyable place to study. Students and staff alike love the new addition to Huntley High School and cannot wait to use it throughout the year.