The Comedy Clown strikes again


courtesy of WarnerBros

By Trevor Book

Joker is an exciting thrill ride that speaks to the heart and tells the story of how Arthur Fleck, played by Jaoquin Phoenix, became Joker. Arthur Fleck is a working clown trying to make people notice him and his jokes, but he also has mental issues that make him laugh uncontrollably and very unhappy.

Joker is a DC character that was created as an enemy of Batman to terrorize Gotham City. The point of the Joker was not only to explain why the character became Joker but to also explain that life never goes your way and sometimes people may not notice you. Joker was meant to be a symbol to make people notice you but also to explain his motives or the fact his mental problems may be taking over his actions.

Joker is a villain showing Gotham that it is in for a freaky and scary clown ride. 2008 Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”, shows Heath Ledger as the clown himself who pulled off the role of Joker perfectly. Joaquin Phoenix’s acting was so real and depressing from the mental state that he was in, and that made him accomplish the role of the comedy clown that shook Gotham to it’s very core.

“JOKER” is directed by Todd Phillips, an Oscar nominee for the movie “Borat”. Joaquin Phoenix, the actor playing Joker (Arthur Fleck), a well-respected actor and Oscar nominee for “ The Master,” “Walk the Line,” and “Gladiator.” Alongside Phoenix, well-respected actor and Oscar winner of “Raging Bull” and “The Godfather: Part II,” Robert De Niro plays Murrary Franklin, a TV host, and other film stars are Frances Conroy who plays Penny Fleck, Arthur Fleck’s mother, Brett Cullen playing as Thomas Wayne, Carrie Louise Putrello playing as Martha Wayne, Dante Pereira-Olson playing as Bruce Wayne.

Joker will be open in cinemas October 4th, 2019. DC fans should most definitely go and watch this movie.