“Ninth House” Book Review: It’s bestselling for a reason


Courtesy of Leigh Bardugo's Twitter

Gabby Terez

Leigh Bardugo, author of the series “Shadow and Bone,” has come back with a new fantasy novel called “Ninth House.” It takes place in Yale University, the story centers around Galaxy “Alex” Stern. She is given the unexpected opportunity to go to the university after being the only survivor in an unsolved homicide case. Once Alex starts going to Yale, she’s brought into a world of crime, magic, and ghosts. She also discovers that she has a secret power: she can see ghosts.

The book mainly revolves around darker themes as it deals with situations surrounding crime, which includes a murder case that occurs at Yale.

In terms of the beginning of the book, it can seem a little underwhelming. There isn’t a lot of events that stand out in particular, as it mostly explains typical college life in magic-twisted Yale and Alex’s adjustment to the university.

This makes sense, however, since there are some particular things a reader has to understand in order to continue with the book. The way magic is used and how the supernatural works are especially important, as they both impact how the rest of the story goes.

A reader should also look over the synopsis, the description of Yale’s secret societies, and a map of the university before reading this book. It will give them a better understanding of what’s happening and where it’s taking place. 

 As the story goes on, the plot and characters gradually get interesting. One factor for this is the addition of action scenes, such as fight sequences and use of magic. Another factor includes the revelation of Alex’s past.

Bardugo did a good job of portraying this, as she was able to put a mysterious vibe onto Alex and build curiosity from that. The author also dives into the background of another character, Daniel Arlington, and his journey in the book.

“Ninth House” is a book that should be read the whole way through, as it takes some unexpected turns. The story also ends on a cliffhanger, which implies that the book might become part of a series. 

This book is a perfect fit for fall and winter, as the story line mostly takes place in these two seasons. It might take some commitment to keep reading this book since nothing too outstanding happens in the beginning. Regardless, “Ninth House” overall is a good book to check out.