Thanksgiving break commences for students, but not just yet for teachers

By Tanpreet Bhathal

As Thanksgiving break began for students at Huntley High School, teachers came back to school, their break did not begin just yet. On Monday, Nov. 25 and Tuesday, Nov. 26, parents and students scheduled conferences to come meet with their teachers. 

Parent Teacher Conferences is a time for parents to come in and discuss with their students to see how they’re doing in the classroom. 

“It’s nice to meet face to face because for students who are in my classes, like human anatomy, it’s easier to meet face to face rather than emailing,” teacher Gerry Marchand said. 

Classes like Marchand’s Human Anatomy class helps for parents to come in and understand the concept of what class is like. Most honors, AP, and dual credit classes are easier to explain in person one on one rather than over email.

It also gives parents a chance to come and meet with their child’s teachers to see how they’re doing and how they can improve. Some students even join their parents during conferences to meet their teachers and voice their opinions to see how they can improve.

Conferences are a great time for parents to come in at there own time, but for teachers it can often be a bit dreadful as their schedule can be empty at times. On Monday, teachers had a long day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. It can be quite a long day with not many parents to meet with. 

Tuesday, the teachers had a shorter day from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. But when meeting with students and parents time goes by fast and it is enjoyable. Teachers also get caught up on grading and getting things ready for students after break. 

“I never go with my parents to conferences because I think it’s a bit weird and it pressures teachers to say good things about you. I usually have my parents go to teachers that I like because I want to hear what they think of me,” senior Jolie Woodside said. 

Most students tend to not attend conferences due to the fact of not wanting to pressure their teachers and to get the best feedback possible on how to become a better student. 

2019 Parent Teacher Conferences have wrapped up and break has just begun for the staff at HHS.