ALERT: Attempted Abduction


Michael Geheren

1978-1982 Chevrolet Van photographed in USA. C...
An older verison of the van described in the police report. (Creative Commons)

District 158 send home an alert from the Algonquin Police department this week about an attempted abduction. According to the report on Jan. 17 a 12 year old female was at her bus stop when a white Chevrolet conversion van approached the stop sign at her bus stop. The driver told to her “get in the van” and she said no and ran away. The van then left.


What we know

Unidentified Suspects: Two Hispanic Males

Driver: His age is 20-30, brown hair, brown eyes and spoke in an accent. He has a “tear-drop” shaped tattoo on his left cheek.

Passenger: His age is estimated at 20-30 years of age, bald, goatee, blue eyes. He is reported as having a “tear-drop” shaped tattoo on his right cheek.

Both were wearing a purple sweatshirt with a crown in the center and the letter K.

About the van: Chevrolet Van, White, Mid-late ’90s, no windows except driver and passenger doors, the plate is an Illinois plate starting with A38, the rest is unknown.

If you know any information

Call Detective Seegers (847)658-4531

Read the Police Report

Click here to download the police report (PDF)