HHS Travels the World: Tyler DeBlieck

By Lindsey Leigh

Here in Illinois, we do not have the most enjoyable winter weather. Sure the snow is pretty, but most of the time it’s the overbearing coldness that takes the cake when it comes to the overall opinion of our winter weather. Many people take winter break as an opportunity to go to a tropical island, or in many cases, just simply anywhere warmer.

Over winter break, Tyler DeBlieck and his Family went to Florida. Neither him nor his sister participated in any sports over the long break, so his family decided to seize the opportunity and go on vacation. A lot of people either drive or fly to Florida. The DeBliecks family decided to do a little bit of both. 

They flew into Atlanta, and then drove the eight hours to Punta Gorda, Florida. When the DeBlieck family goes to Florida, they usually go to either Punta Gorda or Bonita Springs. This time it was Punta Gorda. That is where him and his family would spend the next week. 

Tyler and his family spent a lot of time at the beach, which is pretty typical if you are staying by the coast. Although going to the beach is fun, his favorite part of the trip was going deep sea fishing.

“We went 40 miles off the coast, to the point in which the water was about 80 feet deep. We had to drop the bait pretty low because that’s where all the fish were. My dad caught a 200 lbs turtle!” DeBlieck said. 

The fishing was fun and all, but DeBlieck also enjoyed a delicious meal at the Italian restaurant “Bravo” in Naples. He highly recommends going to it if you are ever near the area.

“Their Lasagna was so good. It was the best restaurant we went to during the whole trip,” DeBliek said.

Tyler and his family also brought in the New Year while they were on vacation. They were pretty worn out from all the fun they had together on the trip so far that they decided to stay at their hotel that night. They had fun as a family playing cards and just enjoying each others company in general. 

Overall, DeBlieck and his family had a great time in Punta Gorda, Florida. Tyler hopes to go back again in the future.