The task to take down the Chargers

By Ayman Mirkhan

Blood, sweat, tears, and teamwork is what wins games. That’s what wins championships. Despite the turnout in Huntley’s last game, they showed the significance of those principles and showed they got what it takes to win. 

Dundee Crown and Huntley went head-to-head once more with this game defining the progress each team has made since the last time they met. Dundee Crown has so far been the most dominant force with maintaining their first place status in the conference and Huntley in third. 

As much Huntley fought, they couldn’t take down DC with the close match ending at 41-36. 

Kamsi Nwgou did not fail to bring her “A game” and snatched 14 points with a healthy mix of rebounds, steals, and assists. Before the fierce battle began, the Huntley stadium was proud to congratulate Kamsi on her last game where she scored her 1,000th career point.

The game was close with Huntley taking the lead all the way till the second half of the second period. Unfortunately, this was the turning point where DC took advantage of Huntley’s hesitant offense to capture as many points as possible. 

With the fourth quarter rolling in, Huntley showed their potential to win championships by coming back from an eight point deficit but still couldn’t take the win. 

“Every practice, we just keep getting better and we just need to focus on closing games like this,” senior Anna Seng said. 

Seng is a prime example of Huntley’s dominant defense that earned them the third spot in conference. However, for Huntley to reach their full potential, unleashing the same level of dominance on offense is tremendously needed. 

“I think we’re playing extremely hard. I like our direction and plan [to win]…we just need to continue to work that hard,” coach Raethz said.

Huntley’s team this season has shown to be a force to be reckoned with, but as they enter into post-conference matchups, giving 110% each game will be what they need to capture that regional championship they so much deserve.