Marvel Battle Blog: Issue #3

By Trevor Book

Marvel Battle Blog is a monthly series that tests the reader on their Marvel knowledge while providing a profile on a specific character. This month, the spotlight is on Thor Odinson.

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Superhuman strength.
One Mighty Hammer and One Mighty Axe.
Can summon weapons instantly.
Ability to control lightning.
The son of Odin uses his mighty abilities as the God of Thunder to protect his home, Asgard, and planet Earth alike.

Can you name all of the Infinity Stones and the movies they first appeared in? Hint: post-credit scenes are included! Structure your answer like "Title, Stone Name." Example: Iron Man, Time Stone

The first to appear? 

The second?

The third?

The fourth?

The fifth?

The sixth?

BONUS: If you had a chance to meet one of the MCU characters, who would it be?
Please type in their name with a short explanation below