Huntley’s best dressed: Quarantine edition


By Ashley Reilly

Everyday I roll out of bed, put on a new mix up of a sweatshirt and leggings, and make my way to the computer. Another day of Elearning, with no one to impress except my family. I couldn’t care less what I wear. 

As I went to write my final Huntley’s Best Dressed I realized that there is no one for me to find. As we all know school will not be in session again this year, so I decided to use my own outfit from an event that got canceled. 

This outfit was meant for a concert that mainly had a young adult audience. It was a small venue and was going to be such an exciting night! I planned my outfit with three things in mind: comfort, temperature, and style!

I wanted to look chic and confident, and I knew for that combination I needed animal print! Since my favorite animal print top is tight, I decided a mom jean look would go best. Having a tight top with loose pants creates a tighter waist line and a smaller appearing chest. 

I decided to throw on a jean jacket in case I was cold or had to wait outside anywhere. This was because the back of the top is completely open so it would be easy to get chilly. Lastly I choose closed toed shoes to avoid getting stepped on or any pain from the concert!

Here is where I got everything:

Cheetah print shirt –

Black mom jeans –

Black Booties – TJ Maxx

Jean jacket – thrifted 

This outfit was super fun to put together and totally practical for a night out. While still being super comfortable it draws attention.