Life of a hardworking high school student


Courtesy of Huntley Gridiror

By Bailey Lim

Waking up in the morning with a long day of remote learning, football, and working a job, junior Jack Tanke takes on one of the busiest high school experiences. 

Jack Tanke is a 16-years-old full back for the HHS football team. He balances a full schedule of classes and has recently started working at a local McDonalds. Covid-19 proceeds to complicate his busy schedule by limiting his participation in his favorite activities.

Covid-19 has contributed more time for other activities with the introduction of remote learning. The school block schedule is limited to four longer length periods a day with the exception of a lunch break.

“Remote learning has given me the opportunity to work at my own pace and explore new hobbies,” Tanke said.

Practice has been more difficult this time of year for football. Everything is limited with the requirement to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the pandemic has not changed Tanke’s commitment to football because it is one of the things he enjoys doing the most. A friend and past teammate has described Tanke’s love for the sport.

“He has always devoted his time and effort into doing what he loves: football,” junior Anthony Alexander said.

Tanke and his family have not been affected in the work environment negatively. Jack has started his new job at McDonalds and he works while balancing school and sports.
“I am gaining experience [in] time management while working a job during the school year,” Tanke said.

Time management is shown to have a huge impact on Jack’s life because he has found a balance between everything he has on his plate. He is always either studying hard during the school day, working afternoon hours at McDonalds, or exercising at football practice.

Covid-19 has limited the experiences of people all around the world, but Tanke has the chance to do all the things he enjoys and more. Even with social distancing and the pandemic, Tanke has shown that it is possible to live the high school experience to the fullest.