Principal Student Leadership Council holds first meeting

Courtesy of the District 158 website

Courtesy of the District 158 website

By Rayne Zilch

Principal Marcus Belin held the first Principal Student Leadership Council. For other schools, it is called the Principal Council or a Principal Advisory Council, but it is different for Huntley High School. 

“I want to give you all the ability to have some leadership and learn some leadership lessons,” Belin said.

The student body now has a voice of its own. Yes, there is also the traditional Student Council, but that council focuses on a completely different aspect of the school, such as setting up social events and school-wide activities. 

PSLC is the focus of the student body as a whole. It is where student participants express their opinions on school and administration. These opinions can be negative or positive. This gives notice to Belin about what changes can be made to improve the high school experience from freshman to senior year.

“Having freshmen through seniors on the council provides a different vantage point that will help me understand some of the things you all need at different levels,” Belin said. 

During the meeting, Belin discussed the plans of the council and what it had brought to the school in past years.

“My hope and goal for this whole thing is for you all to meet each other and to just have a space to voice your opinions and thoughts as a student,” Belin said. 

 At the end of the meeting, the students gave their first opinion on E-Learning and what should be done to help bring the feel of school culture straight to student homes. 

Typically the council meets in the morning during late start days but with E-Learning, the PSLC will meet Monday mornings whenever there is availability. The administration and Belin are very busy and not every Monday is going to work, so the next meeting is presumed to be on Oct. 19.