Laid Back Cash


By Brenden Boyle

Are you bored, at home, with nothing to do and want to make some extra money? Well I have the solution for you. Welcome to Laid Back Cash, where I will teach you how to make a lot of extra cash on the side, without getting a job or having any sort of big commitment. 

A very popular way of making money on the side is known as “Reselling”. Reselling is when someone buys an item from someone (usually a limited product), and sells it to someone else for more. Shoe reselling has blown up in recent years, with a lot of limited shoes rising up in value, by hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, it is a very good way to make extra cash on the side. An example of this is the Off White Jordan V Retros, which I was lucky enough to resell. I bought the shoe for $225 (yes, I know it is a lot), and since the shoe was super limited, the value went up and I was able to sell it for $850, making around $625 for just buying and selling a shoe. I will show you the basics of shoe reselling and how to make a lot of money doing it.

However, there are some things you need to start reselling. The first thing is a credit/debit card. This is essential for reselling, because you will need this to buy shoes very quickly off of retailers when the shoes drop. The second thing you need is a bank account (or a paypal account). This is so people can pay you cash for selling your shoes, if you choose to sell them online. Lastly, and most importantly, you need a computer. A phone will not cut it if you choose to resell shoes, and I will tell you why later.

In order to know what shoes to go for, and if they will go up in value at all, you can follow a lot of Instagram accounts that will post when a shoe is being released soon, and how much it is expected to go up in value. Some examples are @nexusresell, @resellheaven, @resellology, and much more (These accounts are NOT 100% all of the time. There are some cases where a product may go down in value, the predicted values are not a guarantee). Shoes that go higher in value than other shoes are more likely to be more limited, therefore making it harder to get. Once you find a shoe worth going for, check to see where it is releasing. Most shoes release on the Nike SNKRS app. Once you download the app, and make an account (make sure you fill in your payment information beforehand), go to the “upcoming” section of the app, and you will see all of the shoes that are releasing in the upcoming days/weeks. Click “notify me” on the shoe so you can get a notification when it drops. If you want a better chance at getting the shoe, some people make multiple accounts and use multiple devices in order to get the highest chance possible at getting the shoe.

SNKRS has two types of drops, LEO and DAN. A LEO drop is a first come first serve- whoever can press the buttons the quickest will get a pair. A DAN drop is a raffle. SNKRS will automatically put everyone’s name into a raffle, and select people to buy the shoe. It is hard to tell what kind of drop it will be until the time comes.

On drop day, make sure you are ready 5 minutes beforehand. This is because some drops may drop a bit early. When you see the option to buy the shoe, that means it has dropped. Click “purchase” as QUICKLY as you can, and fill out all of the information as fast as you can. You will then be sent to a waiting list, where you will have to wait to see if you got the drop. The waiting list time will only be between 4-5 minutes at most. If a screen pops up saying “GOT’EM”, then congratulations, you got the shoe! If not, then unfortunately, you lost. Everyone loses more times then they win, it is just how it works. However, in the end it is worth it, because if you get a shoe, you can get paid big.

If you got the shoe, it will ship to the address you put down. Once it gets there, it is time to sell. You have two options when selling shoes. Option 1 is selling it right away (which is what I usually do). Option 2 is waiting for the price to rise after a large amount of time (usually months, or even years). If you choose to sell the shoe right away, there are some apps/websites that you can use to sell your sneakers online, such as: StockX, GOAT, Grailed, Bump, and much more. The downside is that they will take a small fee when you see a shoe. If you choose to sell in person, make sure you are safe. There are some Facebook and Instagram groups that are dedicated to selling shoes, but some are scams, so watch out. Once you sell the shoe, you are done! You have successfully resold a shoe, and depending on which shoe it was, you may have made a lot of money.