Two sports, one athlete


By Sarah Reilly

Sports can be a huge part of the high school experience. Going to games. Cheering on your school team. The players walk down the halls after competitions and games, but not all of these athletes walk down the halls for one sport.

Many school athletes play on different teams. Sometimes these are sports part of the same season, year-round, or part of two different seasons so they are always active. At Huntley High School this can be a mix of football and baseball, wrestling and softball, and many more. 

Junior Gianna De Luca is part of the wrestling and softball teams here at Huntley. Wrestling at the high school is a winter sport while softball is a spring. The planning of these two sports does not collide but they do interfere with free time. 

“You have no free time, whatsoever, and if you do have free time you spend it doing work,” said De Luca.

If a sport is only one season and that is the only sport you do, then after you have more time to hang out with friends and do homework. Doing multiple sports at once then you have very little time in between. Depending on when these sports start and end that time in between might just be winter break. 

These sports take a lot of energy: it is hard work. Doing sprints, working with weights, running drills, stretching, and then getting to games. These games are unpredictable. You can look into the statistics of the other team but can not predict everything.

Running around the field trying to catch the ball for football one semester and the next you are running miles for cross country. Sports can help students build leadership skills and help build teamwork skills. 

Participating in two sports can help you build a strong relationship with your teammates. You spend the majority of your time with these people. These can be life long friendships. Memories that you never forget. That is one thing that can not be changed with sports.

Doing multiple sports can be great for your social life, physical health, and mental health. You have a chance to do what you love. Doing multiple sports can also give you more chances for scholarships. If you don’t excel in one sport you may excel in the other.

Doing only one sport can give you a lot of these opportunities as well. You still go out and learn to be a hard worker. Managing teamwork and relationships. Getting chances to go to those matches and win. The fun of sports and hard work will come whether you do one or two sports. It all depends on whether you do the work for it.