More asynchronous days would benefit students


S. Gebka

By Austin Zenaty

If teachers give us more asynchronous days, some of us will show massive improvement in our learning. Synchronous is when students must attend class, and asynchronous is when students go blended. When I am usually asynchronous, I feel that I do better when I am more independent.

“I think we should not have more asynch days because for me personally it is hard for me. A lot of people in SES have a harder time with asynch at least from what I have gathered,” freshman Ryan Rexroat said.

Asynch is not for everyone, but some people love it more than others. By having asynchronous class it benefits me because when working alone I get my stuff done faster.

“I usually have at least two asynchronous days during the week, and I think that is perfect for me and some others because it is a balance,” Rexroat said.

Some people can deal with the constant switch between in and out of class and some feel that it is way too much for them and adds stress.

“I do not think that we need more asynchronous days because I believe the combination between asynchronous/synchronous is working well,” Special Education teacher Samantha Andrews said.

Some teachers give out asynchronous and synchronous to try to make it fair for the students. However, teachers should assign us a lot more asynch days because some of us show improvement to our grades.

If I ever needed help during an asynch day I would go into the classroom for more help. Usually I stay in the classroom when other students go asynch. 

I like doing that because I get extra help easily without a huge group of students. It helps get a better understanding of the material that we are currently learning. 

It gives me an opportunity to work hard and improve my grades. When we do not get the material that we are learning during a asych days a group of students normally go into the zoom for help.

“When I have asynchronous days, I will ask students to stay or attend that need more support or direction. I have seen success with the students that I ask to join me on asynchronous days. It allows for more direct instruction,” Andrews said.

Asynchronous allows students to work at their own pace with less distractions.

“Each teacher has their own system of what works for their classes and student needs,” Andrews said.

Although, some teachers may not see that students work on their asynch days. However, some students do not do their work during asynch days, but those who do should get more opportunities.

Teachers will call students in to see if they need additional help with anything they need. Some teachers may force some of their students to come into the class if they have a bad grade in the class.

Other times, some of us like to go off and do the material by ourselves. Most students go off asynch but it all depends on what we are learning about.

Overall, I would like more asynchronous days because we are all different in many ways, and we learn in different learning styles.